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In the freedom of creation, the Írhatnám.hu Team often encountered individual and social risk factors, due to which we sadly found that distrust between social units is a general social phenomenon. The source of trust has waned and like Moses, we today need to hang water from the rock so that we can once again fill our communities with moral content!

Based on this need for innovation, we have created the Community Co-operation System, which is a personalized operating system – which is present in all parts of the CIRCLE and continuously. Every member of our team is an unquestionable factor in both their morals and their scientific lives. As a result, we were able to create a product, trust, as an intangible asset that, as a subject of cooperation, provides individual solutions to individual problems and warns us in advance of each risk factor.

The software and associated hardware offer individual solutions for each customer. The CIRCLE, as a unique operating system and hardware, can be acquired by the customer in the following way:

Place an order
Contacting the customer – within 72 hours, a representative of our team will contact the customer – which can be done in analog or digital way. It is up to the customer to determine in which physical product the software will be incorporated, which must be specified by our team’s agent within 72 hours of contacting the customer.
Based on the information received by our agent during the contact, we will prepare an individual price offer within 72 hours in accordance with the digital and analog principles of the Community Cohesion System. Based on the individual price offer, our company issues a fee request, which we forward to the Customer in electronic form to the electronic contact information provided by the Customer.
After completing the order and the request for a fee, an agreement is reached between our team and the customer
After contacting us, a 50-day individual statistic is made about the customer based on an individual trainig process. The statistical analysis forms a specific immediate and continuous SWOT analysis based on the customer characteristics, on the basis of which the past, present and future risk factors of the Customer are determined. Based on the determination of individual values, the basic operating system will be developed over the next 49 days by incorporating special environmental elements and determining likely environmental impacts.
On the 100th day after the conclusion of the agreement, the product will be handed over and put into operation by our agent with the personal assistance.
The right to use the software is forever – in connection with which the Customer is obliged to use the software properly in accordance with the Community Co

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